Every brief has its challenges, but the brief from Garmin Fitness to introduce their new fitness range into a segment of the market dominated by established and global rival brands, was a challenge within a challenge – just the way we like it.


Our approach took us on an epic journey; one you would not traditionally associate with a fitness brand. We created a brand film, made for both big and small screens, slap bang in the middle of a war zone – an insight that rings true to any fitness enthusiast who has ever fought that inner battle during an impossible workout. Then, committed to owning both mind space and shelf space, we developed powerful point-of-sale collateral and coordinated a full publicity program that included new and traditional media, sport icons, as well as sponsorships.

Overall, the campaign which saw a 27% increase in year on year sales and an astonishing PR ROI of 463:1, was a monumental success. It also earned two Loeries and two finalists at the Virgin Sports Awards, while Garmin Southern Africa was ranked within the top 3 performing countries in the Fitness category across Garmin Europe, the Middle East and Africa.



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