A brand is only as strong as the sum of every single one of its touch points. So when Cellini first approached us to help position and build its brand in the marketplace, we started with the basics and systematically worked our way through every element from brand architecture and identity, to communication strategy and execution.


We studied the products and carefully aligned each one to the exact person who would use it. We painted a picture of what they would look like, thought about what their aspirations might be, and even considered what they did and dreamed. The result of our in-depth involvement with the brand and its target market are touch points and communications that appeal to the right people, in the right place, at the right time.

Now selling in Harrods (London), Dubai, the USA, Australia and Europe, we not only shifted Cellini from a purely functional local brand to an international icon synonymous with innovative Italian style and superior quality, but we helped increase its turnover by 600% since partnering with us in 2005 – and we’re still going strong.


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